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Tips For Choosing A Motorbike

The differences amongst motorbikes are at least as big as that of cars, with one big difference: you can fall off a motorcycle if you don`t know how to ride it. So the first factor to consider is your riding skills.


Next would be the purpose of the motorbike: a motorbike used for commuting will be very different from a bike used for off road sports. First then, what are your riding skills like, how long have you been riding? New riders wouldn`t want to go out and buy the fastest motorbike out there, certainly nothing above 500cc. On the other hand if you are an experienced rider, you would probably not be satisfied with a 125cc motorbike. Make sure you test drive the bike to see whether you feel in control. Also beware that motorbike insurance for a novice on a powerful bike is expensive.


There are seven main categories of bikes and they differ drastically with respect to purpose and capability. Probably the most popular motorbike class, sports bikes, are powerful, fast and sharply styled and are certainly not for novices as they require skilful control. Scooters and mopeds are also very common on roads. Scooters have smaller, less powerful engine and hence more manoeuvrable and, cheaper. Easy to ride and with cheaper insurance these are a good start. Mopeds have very small engines, maximum 50cc. Motorbike cover on a moped is very cheap. Naked bikes are road bikes without a fairing around the engine or frame. Cruisers, the most well-known being the Harley Davidson, have a laid back attitude with low seats and long wheel bases. Adventure sport bikes are used both on and off the road and have a tall profile and upright riding position which gives good visibility. Touring motorbikes are mile-munchers with engines as big as cars, windscreens, reverse gears and even a driver/passenger intercom.


The top 5 motorbikes for 2010 feature new styling, technical innovations and environmental friendliness. Arguably the top bike of 2010 is the Ducati Multistrada with excellent performance, superb handling and lots of practicality. Following that is the Yamaha YZF 450F which is said to be a motorbike that is the dream of racers, built for cornering and is equipped with a revolutionary 4 stroke, 4 valve single cylinder engine. Aprilia`s RSV4R is a technological feast with carbon fibre body that is devilishly fast with a fantastic sounding V4 engine including Brembo radial brakes, a drive-by-wire system and a three-way power map. BMW is offering a new evolution of R1200GS & R1200GS Adventure motorcycles with better acceleration and torque and with an electronically controlled exhaust flap for an aggressive, musical sound. Finally the E-motive E1 is possibly the cheapest planet-saving scooter and is environmentally friendly and very affordable compared to other scooters. Motorbike ownership is a pleasure and picking the right vehicle for you will ensure your safety, help you http://www.cashback.co.uk/money_making"save money on insurance and maintenance and give you the best enjoyment possible.


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